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Submersible dives

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Our submersible dive programs.

Standard dive

Our Standard dive is the most extensive program of them all. With this dive you will go to approx 500ft deep and experience these unknown depths. We will show you ongoing research projects and explain about newly discovered fish! The bottom time is approx 1.5h and all pictures are included (from topside, inside the sub and from a diver). $650,- per person


With the deep dive you will be going for an amazing dive into the abyss of the sea aquarium reef, reaching almost 1,000ft! This dive is perfect for those wanting to experience the depths beyond the light. The dive is 1.5h and includes also all pictures (from topside, inside the sub and from a diver). $650,- per person

night DIVE

Always wanted to see how the under water life is at night at these depths? This is your chance! With the night dive you get to see a whole different world at approx 500ft deep. Watch all sorts of creatures pop-up in front of he window without even getting wet. The dive is approx 1.5h  and includes pictures from topside and inside the sub. $800,- per person / a minimum of 2 persons

Adrenaline DIVE

This dive is perfect if you want to go for a shorter period of time because on this dive you will go for approx 45min. You will be taken to an old wreck that lays at the bottom of the reef (450ft) and also get to see more about the underwater world at these depths. 
(includes pictures from topside and inside the sub). $425,- per person

* for all dives: you're allowed to make your own pictures. Wear comfortable clothes and no shoes needed. Temperatures will vary but will not be too cold.



(599) 9 465-2051



Bapor Kibra
@ the Curacao Sea Aquarium



M-F 8a–5p
Sa closed
Su closed


Reservations have to be made in advance. For reservations and inquiries you can use our contact form. We hope to soon serve you better with an online reservation system. 

Call (599) 9 465–2051 from 8a – 5p from Monday through Friday, or book online with us. After we've received your request we will send a confirmation message.
*Reservations required for parties of a maximum of 4 per dive
* There's a minimum age of 10 years required

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Our special Black Friday deal is here! This is once in a lifetime deal for a once in a lifetime dive.

Reservations are made for dives from the 1st of December until the 4th of December

Two for the price of  $799,-

Terms & Conditions
A minimum of two people per reservation
Payments have to be made in full before the 1st of December
We have the right to book  maximum of  4 people per dive
Depending on reservations we may shorten the dive to one hour maximum per dive
You will receive one USB stick per couple, no t-shirt included
Local pricing or any other discount pricing does not apply
Depending on availability and our scheduling
Bookings have to be made directly at Substation Curacao. Not at third parties (TO’s etc)
Payment and reservations on locations at our office. No wire payments.
No refunds possible
You have to be at least 10 years or older
And all our other regular rules apply.