In search of new discoveries with Smithsonian Institution

So we're back from a trip again with the entire crew plus our good friends from the Smithsonian Institution. This time we went to Playa Forti and Jeremi for a couple of days all together. Both locations we've been before.

The first day we stayed at Playa Forti with the ship. We immediately launched the platform and right after our submersible. Once everything is in place the passengers get ready to board. There's always a plan before we go on each dive but once underwater it always takes us on a different course. We see unexpected fishes that we didn't know were there or discover different structures that we've seen before. 

We have just begun to understand our oceans and deep reefs in Curacao. On each dive we learn and see new stuff we've never seen before. The reef structures at Jeremi and Playa Forti are completely different from what we've seen at Curacao Sea Aquarium. The reefs here are less steep and different growth of corals  & sponges. Some fish that you hardly see on the South-East side you encounter here in abundance. 

When the Curasub is back it has collected the specimens that were necessary for these scientists. For them the job actually starts when we bring up these specimens. These pictures will give you an idea as to what's involved for maintaining these. For fish it's a different process than for shells. The latter are carefully selected one-by-one and set apart. After that they are handed over to the experts for further research by photographing them and preservation. 

Watch this cool clip on Youtube of how the R/V Chapman was anchored at the Jeremi: