Not just scientists.....

So far most of our blog posts have been about our work together with scientists and marine biologists. 

But since our start (in 2010) we've had more than just these guys coming over and keeping us busy for hours underwater. We've had many passengers that have experienced our deep water expeditions to 1,000ft at the Curacao Sea Aquarium. Making it the number one experience in Curacao and the entire Caribbean. 

But since we've opened we've also had very special guests that dropped in and took a plunge into the deep with the Curasub. 
One of them was Andre Kuipers. He is a Dutch Physician/ Astronaut and he became the second Dutch citizen to have been in space. He stayed for 11 days.

We've had the English soul singer, Joss Stone in our sub. Joss Stone is multi Grammy winner who preformed at the Curacao North Sea Jazz. She was invited by Substation Curacao to experience our unique trips. 

Other special guests were also Jack Hanna, who's a zookeeper and became famous for his live TV shows with animals and did appearances at Johnny Carson,   David Letterman and Maury Povich.

And these were not the only special guests that have passed by Substation Curacao.
Check out our pictures of none other than James Cameron! He sat in the sub, right before it was shipped to Curaçao. 
Jeff Corwin, Phillipe Cousteau, Dominique Serafini & two soap actors from Brazil also experienced our our trips to the deep reef.