Fabien Cousteau visiting

We have many special guests visiting and diving with us but last week we had a very special guest that arrived on the island. Fabien Cousteau is grandson of famed oceanographic explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau and son of Jean-Michel Cousteau. 

He had the the opportunity to be part of Chata's sustainability conference introducing the Ocean Ecopark in Curacao.

The Ocean Ecopark project is based on the installation of a deep seawater pipeline to a depth of approximately 1000m.  Cold deep seawater at approximately 4-6C will then be brought to the surface and can be used for a multitude of processes.  Initially it will be used to replace the A/C systems of the airport and the large buildings in the airport area by cooling directly using the deep seawater.  The deep seawater will also be used in combination with warm surface water (using the temperature differential) for production of electricity using OTEC technology.  

Together with Fabien and Diego Acevedo (from the Ocean Ecopark project) we descended to 500ft with the Curasub. It was the perfect way to show them both what conditions we have at these depths in Curacao. 

Not to forget a student from Radulphus college, Danzelle-Mae, who won this trip with us and these gentlemen in the sub. Because she had the best grades in biology, of her class, she had the privilege to experience our underwater world.

These projects & cooperation's are of great importance to the island and elsewhere. We hope to bring you more soon.