CIEE Bonaire dives with Substation Curacao

CIEE Bonaire Students to Substation Curaçao
This summer, the Substation Curaçao has hosted 22 students from CIEE in Bonaire, Curaçao’s neighboring island. CIEE is a study abroad program that gives college and high school students the opportunity to travel and study in a different country. The CIEE Bonaire program hosts roughly 14 college students every fall, spring, and summer and specializes in teaching students about coral reef ecology, conservation, and research. Already quite familiar with the ecology and life of shallow Caribbean reefs, CIEE Bonaire’s students were thrilled at the opportunity to explore greater depths and see and learn more about mesophotic reefs. During the CIEE Bonaire trips to Curaçao this summer, students were able to do lots of interesting things: SCUBA dive Curaçao’s reefs, explore the SeaAquarium, and see Otrabanda and Punda. For all students, however, the highlight was the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go in a submarine. Thanks Substation Curaçao!