The story about the cups

So what's the story about these cups? 
You might have seen this before on our Facebook page or heard from others that we ask each one of our passengers to create their own cup. 
They can be as creative as they want and make it however they want.

So what then? Well, we attach them on the outside of the sub and take them with us on their dive. The idea is to show our passengers the immense depths we can reach and the pressure at those depths. Once we're back from the dive and surface the result is amazing!
The size is reduced from a coffee cup to a smaller sized (tequila) cup. 

Most of our passengers make these as a present for someone, their own souvenir or even as a Christmas ornament. 

Every since we started with this project we've seen some very creative and astonishing cups which we wanted to share with you. Check out the before- and after pictures.