The Team

Bruce Brandt operational manager at substation Curaçao and a pilot is smiling towards the camera in front of the curasub.

Bruce Brandt

Bruce is the Operations Manager at Substation Curaçao and is one of the 3 pilots of the CuraSub. With a background in Commercial diving he started along with ‘Dutch’ in 2008 with Substation Curaçao.

Tico Christiaan substation Curaçao pilot, captain and underwater photographer in front of curasub smiling at the camera.

Tico Christiaan

A true lover of the seas… Whenever he’s not working, you will find him either fishing, kitesurfing or doing something else on the water. Tico joined Substation a couple of years ago and is also one of our pilots. Besides piloting the sub he’s also a boat captain and underwater photographer.

Jordy Stolk a Dutch substation Curaçao pilot loves the underwater world is smiling towards the camera in front of the submarine.

Jordy Stolk

Meet Jordy Stolk. Born and raised in the Netherlands. His love for the underwater world started at a very young age. He came to Curaçao to work as a dive instructor, which he did for over ten years. He was always very curious about the deep reefs. He was thrilled to get the opportunity to start working at Substation. After completing the training, Jordy is now one of the pilots of Substation Curaçao.

Adriaan ‘Dutch’ Schrier founder, developer and co-owner of the Curaçao Sea Aquarium standing on a crane in front of submarine.

Adriaan 'Dutch' Schrier

He is the founder, developer and co-owner of the Curaçao Sea Aquarium. He opened the aquarium in 1984 together with his partner, Rudy Pizziolo. He was also the driving force behind the opening of Dolphin Academy, the Dolphin Therapy Center and the Dolphin Suites Hotel and Substation Curaçao. Acquiring the CuraSub submarine and the research vessel ‘Chapman’.

Laureen Schenk visitors coordinator, certified mediator, diving instructor at substation Curaçao is smiling into the camera.

Laureen Schenk

Laureen Schenk joined Substation Curaçao in 2012. She’s responsible for coordinating the visits by international marine researchers coming over to Curaçao for deep reef research. At the same time she assists Dutch in dealing with government- and legal affairs. She has a law degree and is a certified Mediator. And not to forget also a dive instructor.