This is Bruce


Bruce Brandt is one of the pilots and lead technicians at Substation Curacao. He’s been with Substation since the first day we opened, in 2010.

With a background in engineering and commercial diving he’s always the first to create and build new solutions for the sub as well as for any scientific purposes.
A few years ago he created a special spear which can be attached on the sub for capturing lionfish that live below scuba dive depth.
It even became an item in one of America’s number 1 shows, Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin.

Bruce is one the most experienced submersible pilots in the world with more than hundreds of dives logged and several expeditions such as to Bonaire, Dominica & Statia.

Some of his hobbies include surfing, sailing, diving, peddle-boarding and well…. basically if he’s on- or in the water he’s happy!

Substation Curacao