Combo dive

approx 1,000ft


You ready to go deeper? The Combo dive goes to our maximum depth of 1,000ft (320m) and is one of the most exciting dives. Not only do you get to experience the same as on the Explorers dive, but even more! During this dive you will see creatures that have recently been discovered. The dive time is approx 2h and it includes all pictures taken (from topside, inside the sub and by a diver). Price $800,- per person.




We start with a briefing before entering the submarine. The briefing covers our safety procedures, how this activity came about on the island, what you can expect during the dive and more. There is no training involved and it's pressurized to 1 atmosphere, which makes it a very accessible activity for many. After the briefing we proceed to boarding the Curasub. Each trip is accompanied by a pilot who's also a very knowledgeable guide during this mini expedition. Pictures are made of your entire experience; such as during the briefing, from inside the sub plus very cool pictures taken by a diver! These are all included in the price and are previewed on a monitor after the dive, during the debriefing.



  • An advanced payment of 50% is required for the reservation

  • There's a minimum age of 10 years for each passenger

  • Not recommended for participants which are claustrophobic or with other serious medical conditions. When in doubt, please contact us

  • We currently don't offer any pick-up service

All rates are per person. Special rates apply for groups more than 4 persons. Please check with us for these special rates. 


With this dive you get to go to approx. 500ft deep and you will be spending 1.5h under water. You will not only see newly discovered fish but also pass by a couple of wrecks. For more click here.

The adventure dive is very similar to the Combo. Also going to approx 1,000ft you get to explore a shipwreck after coming up from the deep. Read all about it here.


Things to know & Special Rates

Things to know:
Temperatures will not get warm nor cold enough that you would need a sweater. We advise to wear comfortable clothes like a t-shirt and shorts. Please avoid skirts. You will be laying down on your stomach on the front seats instead of sitting up. There's no pressure difference inside and therefore perfectly safe when flying or Scuba diving on the same day. 

Special rates apply for groups bigger than 4 people. Ask for our special packages for companies, large groups and local rates.



Included with this program are all pictures (you can bring your own cameras), a free T-Shirt, Free entrance to the Sea Aquarium Park and more.....

For full booking terms and conditions please click here.


Free cancellation up to 3 days before the reservation. From 3 days up to reservation date, a 50% refund applies.
Full refund applies if any weather conditions do not permit for diving.