About CuraSub

The CuraSub is a five-person submersible capable of descending to 1000 ft (305 m). Equipped with a front 40″ dome window, hydraulic manipulator arms, high definition cameras and collecting equipment, it is suitable for both tourism and scientific research. This has made it a reliable and high-grade vehicle for the submarine experiences we offer to tourists and local visitors and the scientific research carried out by renowned international institutions such as the Smithsonian Institution.
Crane keeps submarine in the water while workers prepare it to discover the unknown depths of Curaçao.

A unique submersible

The “Curasub”, as our trusty submersible is called, was built by Nuytco Research Ltd., a company based in Vancouver, Canada that is widely regarded as an innovator in the field of manned underwater vehicles. The sub has been rated and classified for 1000 feet by the DNV GL (an international accredited registrar and classification society headquartered in Høvik, Norway) and can carry 5 persons. Passengers have the option of lying down behind the primary (42 inch) front viewport or sitting upright next to the two-backed (10 inch) viewports while the pilot sits in the middle. Safety is ensured at all times through radio communication with the surface support vessel and the battery power supply has a redundancy degree of 100%, as do those of air and oxygen. In addition, the main cabin uses scrubbers, which extract the carbon dioxide (CO2) from the cabin and provide the sub with a “life support/rescue window” of 4 days. The sub is also equipped with the required sampling capabilities for research expeditions, which include two manipulator arms, a sampling pump, and a collecting basket.
Submarine curasub, classified for 1000 feet capacity of 5 people with viewing windows in the deep sea of Curaçao.

Our Experiences

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